- Brand and Identity

  • A selection of brand and identity projects:

    Island Workshop is a bespoke, high end carpentry business. I chose Source Sans for it's archetypical qualities, customising the letterforms to feature sharp cutaways and screw head 'o's.

    AIH Support provide information and support for anyone affected by Autoimmune Hepatitis.

    Sweet Tooth Games specialise in digital production for Children's media. For this logotype I was inspired by my interest and studies in sign writing and handwritten lettering which resulted in a customised Script font with added swing and bounce.
    Denyse Whillier is a Business Consultant. Denyse wanted her identity to have a simple simple but classic aesthetic that reflected her background and ethos. Using the versatile and elegant Gil Sans Light, I produced a brand and identity, guidelines and a suite of assets for use across her social channels and printed media.